Qui suis-je ? Who am I ?

A warm welcome to Feng Interior !

My name is Asma.

I’m French, 28 years old, and the founder of Feng Interior.

Why “Feng Interior” ? Because I wanted to share thru this blog topics as design, but also Feng Shui.

I really do believe that a space could and should be; beautiful, functionnal, but also calming and relaxing. I would not pretend that I’m a Feng Shui expert because I’m not, and I do not offer this service with my actual interior designer job, but I can definitly give some basic advice thru this blog ^^

As above-mentionned, I am an Interior Designer in France. But this blog and my buisness are two completly different and seperated things. I really needed to have a platform where I could express myself and talk design without being too serious and professional.

But for my non-French audience and readers, I really wanted to create a special tab called “E-Design”, where you could ask for an online interior design service delivery.

By the way, when I started this blog, I was not an interior designer yet, but I really wanted to share my passion and ideas about design with an audience.

I hope you will enjoy my content and spend a nice time reading me.

I already apologize if my english is not fluent and perfect. It is not my native language, but it is very important for me to have this blog in english because I have a large audience abroad and have a special relationship with my other homeland : USA <3