How to create warm minimalism ?

Finding the Balance Between Comfort and Style: How to Create Warm Minimalism


There are so many emerging trends these days, it can be difficult to maintain a home that meets all your requirements while still remaining stylish. And while trends come and go, Decor Aid’s Designers are certain that minimalism is a style that will remain fresh and stylish for years to come. Although minimalism reigns supreme in design, it can be written off by some as too cold or empty. So how can one who loves the look of minimalism remain modern and contemporary while injecting some warmth and coziness into this often-oversimplified style?


While most minimalist designs boast white walls, we encourage you to take a small step in a new direction by choosing a new paint color to bring a bit more warmth into the space. The trick is to choose a shade that is still light enough that it doesn’t weigh down the room, and also veers more towards the warm side than cool. Blush tones, subtle olive greens, or light charcoal greiges are all shades are all subtle enough to work in a contemporary minimal design but add depth and a welcoming ambiance to the space.

If this seems too much for your pared down design, consider painting a single accent wall instead. Because your walls are two-toned, this attracts the eye right to the wall and almost acts as an element of decor. Its depth also removes the need to fill up a room with additional pieces, which keeps it in line with a minimalistic theme.


In keeping with this, a minimalistic room is often characterized by bright pops of color that stand out among the white background. Consider how color scheme affects the comfort of your room. Cooler colors will undoubtedly be a bit less friendly or welcoming, so if  you’re looking to nurture a comforting and inviting space, you’ll need to incorporate more warmer, richer tones. Neutrals that veer more on the cool side, like greys or blues, can appear lifeless or washed out. Richer shades like burgundy, red, or burnt oranges will evoke the feeling of comfort. Be sure to somewhat limit your palette to colors within the same family, as too many colors may be overbearing and get too wild.

So where exactly can you incorporate these pops of color? Decor Aid’s designers suggest you use accent pieces that are comforting themselves. Think blankets, pillows, rugs, or photos— all elements that we associate with both physical and mental comfort. Color can be used as a tool to let these accent items stand out, but act as a bigger piece of the warm minimalism design you’re aiming for. You can also play around with fabrics. Let the textures in these textiles act as the main shepherds to promote the idea of comfort and warmth. Leather, velvet, fur, and other decadent materials add a warm excitement to the space. The trick is to have a contrast in textures so that the eye can travel around the room, but to also ensure that all accent decor works together. Because these pieces are small in nature, they also do not overpower the minimal aesthetic of the room, and instead supplement the overarching idea.


We’re also going to let you in on a designer secret: for an instant surge of color and warmth, look at incorporating plants. The vibrant greens will provide an inviting familiarity, and will act as a piece of decor that pairs well with anything. They can be placed anywhere you feel just needs something more, and can add anything from sophistication to a sense of playfulness.

Creating a room of this nature also requires some thinking about the furniture incorporated. Minimalism is all about simplicity, so you’ll want to look for clean lines when sourcing furniture. This means no ornate detailing or extravagant accents. Look to mid-century modern furniture for inspiration, and you’ll see a contemporary simplicity in the shape of these designs. Pieces that are too busy will look disjointed in your space, and weigh it down with additional elements that take attention away from the whole room. In order to avoid a cluttered space, spend some time simplifying the furniture in your room, and you’ll see it become refreshed and more inviting.


While “warm minimalism” has surely spiked in the design vernacular over the past couple years, the concept is not new. Minimal design requires a careful edit that can oftentimes leave a room feeling cold, but with the right additions to the space, yours can be bright and welcoming without having to sacrifice this trending style. Designing in this fashion will also force you to scale back your decor, allowing you to remove unnecessary, extraneous pieces that bog down your space. Consider what is necessary to the design of the room in order to invoke that warm minimalism and find comfort in your home.


This article is sponsored and in collaboration with Decor Aid’s and its designers.

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